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Monday, December 20, 2010

CLEARANCE SALE : RM10-RM20 Je! Hurry Up!

Zara Kids Striped Hooded Long Sleeve Top - SOLD to Sharnorzihan
Size : 3-4Y
Price Before : RM20
NOW : RM15

Korean Flower Legging - SOLD to Adina & Sharnorzihan
Size : 1-2Y, 3-4Y
Price Before : RM18
NOW : RM10

H&M Embroidered Long Sleeve Top
Size : 3-4Y (Black), 5-6Y (Pink)
Price Before : RM30
NOW : RM18

Burberry Dress
Size : 2Y, 4Y (SOLD to Sharnorzihan), 5Y
Price Before : RM45
NOW : RM20

Shiruky Flower Dress
Size : 12M
Price Before : RM30
NOW : RM18

Old Navy Leopard Print Top
Size : S
Price Before : RM25
NOW : RM18

Old Navy Flower Long Sleeve Top
Size : 2Y, 3Y, 4Y
Price Before : RM35
NOW : RM18

Manellata Embroidered Dress
Size : 24M (SOLD to Wina)
Price Before : RM40.50
NOW : RM20

Korean Striped Legging
Size : 1-2Y (SOLD to Wina)
Price Before : RM18
NOW : RM10

Zara Embroidered Dress
Size : 2-3Y (2pcs available), 4-5Y, 5-6Y
Price Before : RM36
NOW : RM20

Zara Kids T-Shirt
Size : 3-4Y, 4-5Y, 5-6Y, 6-7Y (SOLD to Sharnorzihan)
Price Before : RM33
NOW : RM18

Ralph Lauren Flower Dress
Size : 24M (SOLD to Wina)
Price Before : RM34.50
NOW : RM20

Pembelian melebihi RM50 akan dapat percuma penghantaran!! Grab now! Untuk Return Customer, maaf clearance sale anda tak akan dapat 5% diskaun as clearance sale memang dah sale gila-gila punya.

Nak habiskan stok lama untuk keluarkan stok baru. Get it now! Email me at Put your subject as "Clearance Sale" or use the form above.

Thank you.

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